Finishing Aids

  • Tenon® Trowel Ice

    Tenon® Trowel Ice is a V.O.C. compliant finishing aid that enhances physical concrete surface performance, while aiding in faster and easier surface finishing. Tenon® Trowel Ice is reactive colloidal silicate densifier that lubricates freshly placed concrete, prolonging workability in adverse conditions, such as high wind, low humidity, or high ambient temperatures. Available in 1 gal. Ready-to-Use bottle (BOM #114864), 5 gal. Ready-to-Use pail (BOM #114865), 1 gal. Concentrated bottle (BOM #114866) and 5 gal. Concentrated pail (BOM #114867).

  • Tenon® X-Tender

    Tenon® X-TENDER is a V.O.C. compliant concentrate, mixed 1 part concentrate to 9 parts water that creates a sprayable monomolecular polymer film when properly sprayed to freshly placed concrete.  Tenon® X-TENDER is specifically designed to minimize rapid moisture loss from concrete surfaces prior to curing. Available in a 1 gallon bottle (BOM# 114871) and 5 gallon pail (BOM# 114872).