Penetrating Concrete Sealers: What’s the Difference?

Penetrating sealers are a great way to extend the life of your concrete. When applying a penetrating sealer, the sealer saturates and absorbs into the surface to provide lasting protection. Aside from outside appearances, sealers with more active content provide more extended weather protection.

Tenon has a line of penetrating sealers perfect for your next job. The images below illustrate the penetration depth of the various Tenon Sealers. These 2” mortar cubes were immersed in the corresponding sealer for 1 minute, allowed to dry, and split in half. A contrast treatment was applied to the split face surface, allowing for a visual representation of surface penetration. (The limestone portion of the mortar cube reveals the depth of penetration. The black portion reveals the area where the sealer did not reach.)

Let’s Compare…

No exposure
No penetration
0% active content
0 years of weather protection
8% active content
60-second exposure
1-2mm (1/16”) active penetration
~4-8 years of normal weather protection*
10% active content
60-second exposure
2-3mm (1/8”) active penetration
~8-12 years of normal weather protection*
100% active content
60-second exposure
7-8mm (+1/4”) penetration
~28-32 years of normal weather protection*