Tenon® Cure & Seal WB 1315

Tenon® Cure & Seal WB 1315 is a film-forming compound that meets ASTM C1315 performance standards for water loss when applied properly to cure, seal, and harden freshly placed concrete, terrazzo, brick, stone, architectural concrete, and other cementitious materials. Cure & Seal WB 1315 will pass all VOC compliance laws and is formulated to cure, seal, protect, and dustproof concrete, as well as seal many types of porous tile and resilient floors. Designed for both exterior and interior applications, it is particularly recommended for indoor work in public buildings (hospitals, restaurants) and private residences where solvent-based systems are difficult to use. The white solution dries clear and provides a dust-free surface. This product provides maximum hardness to the concrete as well as resistance to traffic abrasion. Construction debris are easier to clean. Compatible with most tile and carpet adhesives.  Available in 1 gal. bottle (BOM #129910), 5 gal. pail (BOM #129920), and 55 gal. drum (BOM #129930).

1299101 gal. bottle10 lb.440 lb.Case
1299205 gal. pail45 lb.361620 lb.Pallet
12993055 gal. drum550 lb.42200 lb.Pallet
**Product production varies by plant. Please contact your salesperson for product availability in your location**
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