Project Profile: Marzetti Frozen Pasta

Marzetti Frozen Pasta Inc. is up and running in Altoona, Iowa. The facility was built using Spec-Thermal™ Hi-R-H concrete masonry units (CMUs) manufactured using Integrated Water Repellents (IWR). The project was completed in early 2021.

Spec-Thermal Pre-Insulated CMUs are specially designed to minimize thermal bridging and include factory-installed inserts made of flame-retardant polystyrene. The block is also capable of meeting IECC U-Factor requirements in all Climate Zones. These features made it the ideal selection for this project. The integration of IWR into the block also played an important role in this project as the addition of IWR during the manufacturing process helps improve water repellency and reduce the unit’s ability to absorb water. The project also used Spec Mix Mortar and Spec Mix Grout for superior durability, safety and resilience.

The job was completed in collaboration with Miron Construction and Forrest & Associates Masonry with CMUs provided by Midland Concrete Products—an Amcon authorized dealer. Anthony Sergio of Forrest & Associate Masonry, the foreman on the Marzetti’s project, explains, “the plant was constructed using Spec-Thermal Hi R-H 12-inch units. Two bricklayers typically lay 12-inch units together due to the weight. However, with the Spec Thermal Hi-R H units, the weight is significantly less allowing the productivity to increase with only one bricklayer installing them. The design of the unit also allows masonry companies to compete in a market previously controlled by precast.” For more information on using Spec-Thermal for your project or for AIA CEU, contact us.