Project Profile: TCC Materials Vinton Office Remodel

Our TCC Materials location in Vinton, Iowa recently got a facelift! Over the course of the summer, changes and repairs were made to a number of different areas in and around the building.

On the interior, upgrades were made to open up the locker room and break room to allow for more space and improvements were made to the restrooms to modernize them for the facility’s employees. On the outside of the building, Novabrik Split Face brick in the harvest blend color was used to showcase products that both TCC Materials and Amcon Concrete Products produce. The project also included the addition of a Novabrik wainscoting on the front. Thin brick was applied over cement boards using TCC Materials’ Tenon Waterproofing & Crack Isolation Membrane as well as Tenon Masonry Veneer Mortar HB. The Waterproofing & Crack Isolation Membrane was used as a waterproofing underlayment to protect the building from water damage and mold growth. Additionally, the Masonry Veneer Mortar HB was utilized to increase strength between the brick and the cement boards behind them.

When asked about the project, Regional Manager Scott Ellingson said, “It was neat that we could utilize a wide variety of products made by our companies, and that our employees could see these products that they produce being installed. The office can also now serve as a showcase for these products when our customers are around.”

Overall, the project used about 150 sq. ft. of Novabrik and 300 sq. ft. of thin brick. You can learn more about Novabrik & our Tenon line of products by visiting our websites.