Protecting Concrete from Salt Damage with Tenon Salt Barrier

Winter is coming! It’s essential to protect your concrete from the damaging effects of salt and de-icing chemicals, but some sealing methods can affect the existing look.

Tenon Salt Barrier in Action

The Burnsville Police Department in Burnsville, Minnesota had some updates made around their building in 2021. Using PaveDrain provided by Amcon Concrete Products, TCC Materials completed the job by sealing the PaveDrain pavers with Tenon Salt Barrier. Designed to extend the life of concrete in areas that suffer from the effects of damaging salts and deicing chemicals, Salt Barrier was the ideal product for the job. Salt Barrier leaves no residue behind and helps prevent efflorescence, erosion, and spalling when applied. Ready for traffic in 2-4 hours, the police department saw minimal downtime during the application process. Learn more by visiting, checking out our Tenon Product Guide or contact us at for availability.