Questions About Cherry Stone Traction Grit

Winter and snowy weather is right around the corner. Cherry Stone Traction Grit works when salt and chemicals won’t. Sprinkle the fine, sharp, crushed rock on the icy and snow-packed walkways, driveways, and streets for immediate non-slip relief.

Some frequently asked questions:

Why use Cherry Stone Traction Grit?

  1. Cherry Stone Traction Grit works immediately at all temperatures when salt and chemicals won’t. The crushed, fine, sharp stones will provide instant traction on ice or compacted snow. In addition, as the sun rises, the Traction Grit will absorb the heat and melt through the ice, further deteriorating the icy surfaces. Unlike other chemicals, it will not hasten the deterioration of concrete surfaces, harm plants, and grass, or leave chemicals on a pet’s paws. Apply to walks, steps, or other snow-covered or icy pedestrian areas as needed.

Will Cherry Stone harm my concrete?

  1. Cherry Stone Grit is all-natural and environmentally friendly. Because it is insoluble, it will not stain concrete. Since it does not contain chemicals or salts, it is safe on concrete and most surfaces. De-icing chemicals such as calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, and potassium acetate will accelerate concrete deterioration.

Can I keep a bag in my car or truck?

  1. Great idea. It will provide additional trunk weight and can be used for emergency winter traction by placing several handfuls under the vehicle wheels between an icy surface and the tires. Since Cherry Stone Traction Grit is made of 100% quartzite, it will not dissolve, become muddy, stain, or pollute.

How does Cherry Stone Traction Grit compare to sand or cat litter for traction?

  1. The hard, sharp aggregate in Cherry Stone provides excellent slip resistance on icy surfaces. The stone sizes are larger and more angular than traditional sand, which is rounder in shape. Traction grit is sized to resist sticking into the treads of shoes and boots, so the grit doesn’t come inside with you as easily. Kitty litter is typically made of clay or limestone; it can dissolve and become soft and muddy, making it less effective. Cherry Stone Traction Grit is easier to sweep up in the spring when the snow and ice have melted.

Cherry Stone Traction grit is available in 10 lb. pail, 25 lb. bag, 25 lb. pail, 50 lb. pail, as well as a 2000 lb. bulk bag. Looking for more information on Cherry Stone Traction Grit? Contact us!