Shotcrete Used for10th Avenue Bridge Repairs

The 10th Avenue Bridge is a well-known landmark in the Minneapolis, running alongside the East side of the 35W bridge and connecting the University of Minnesota East & West banks of the Mississippi River, close to the Minnesota Vikings Stadium. As part the Minnesota Department of Transportation’s efforts to preserve Minnesota’s infrastructure, this landmark was treated to a much needed facelift beginning in the fall of 2019 with completion in the summer of 2021. The City of Minneapolis (owner) and PCI Roads (Contractor) selected D-SF1 Shotcrete, one of TCC Materials new line of Shotcrete products. TCC Materials worked closely with PCI Roads and The City of Minneapolis to ensure the success of the project.

TCC Sales Representative John Thomas was the lead supplier contact for the project. “Shotcrete is a very technical material to supply, they are exciting jobs to be part of. Every job requires significant support from our technical and lab personnel as well as the precision manufacturing of the mix design by our production facilities. These jobs require a solid team effort by everyone performing in their role, to be successful, and to get job done.”

This project involved primarily structural repair, but the finished profile is “dry-shot” shotcrete where water is introduced to the shotcrete mix at the nozzle. One unique challenge to the project was how high the structure towers over the Mississippi River. This required extensive scaffolding and safety measures for the demo and shooting. The entire project used between 800-1,000 bulk bags of shotcrete.