Patch Concrete like a Professional with Tenon Vinyl Concrete Patch

The Tenon Vinyl Concrete Patch is a good “all around” utility patching product. It can be used both horizontally and vertically.

The Tenon Vinyl Concrete Patch has very good compression strengths (>7,000 psi at 28 days), excellent flexural strength (>1,850 psi at 28 days), and superior bond strength (>1,800 psi at 28 days). It can be placed from a feather edge to two inches in a single lift (deeper repairs will require multiple lifts).

Some possible drawbacks of the product are that it is a darker gray at final cure. This is due to the greater amount of polymer in the product. It is also slightly harder to place due to the greater polymer content. The product should be placed, screeded, and finished with a steel trowel.  Excessive finishing will lead to the product tearing.

Below are pictures demonstrating how a concrete repair should be prepared for acceptance of one of our concrete patch and repair products.

The edges of the repair should be saw cut to a 90-degree angle. In most cases our repair products are “hydraulic” meaning they expand slightly.  This expansion pushes against the saw cut, locking the patch in place.

After the perimeter of the patch is cut, the damaged area is chipped away. This provides a surface to accept the patching material. This chipped area would either be slightly moistened with water to a SSD (saturated surface dry) surface or a cement slurry would be brushed onto the surface.

When preparing concrete for a patching compound, substrate preparation is critical to long term durability and success.

  1. Cut and “square out” the repair with a diamond blade.  A minimum of 1/8” cut should be made.
  2. Chip the concrete to be repaired back to the saw cut.
  3. Full area to be repaired should be chipped out to open the surface in preparation for a Tenon Patching material.

To learn more about Tenon products, contact us or check out our Tenon Product Guide.