Ultimate Barrier in Fairbault, Minnesota

Tenon Ultimate Barrier was used for a project in Fairbault, Minnesota in the summer of 2022. A freshly poured concrete slab was coated with Tenon Ultimate Barrier to cure and seal the concrete all at one time. The Ultimate Barrier was selected because the applicator (Metcon Construction) wanted to try a new product where they did not have to come back to apply a penetrating sealer 28 days later, which saved them time and money.

Tenon Ultimate Barrier is a clear, non-yellowing, fast drying acrylic-silicone blend concrete sealer for curing dust-proofing and weatherproofing freshly-placed and/or existing concrete, terrazzo, brick, stone, architectural concrete, and other cementitious materials. If you are looking to get or learn more about Tenon Ultimate Barrier or other Tenon products, contact us or check out our Tenon Product Guide.